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Black Sea Review At Skewed And Reviewed

Skewed and Reviewed have posted a positive review for the new thriller "Black Sea". They liked the cast as well as the suspense and plot twists of the film and said that it was an unexpected surprise.

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Garethvk2065d ago

This was one of those under the radar films that turned out to be much better than people expected. With all the films of late not screened for press or having very limited screenings, it is nice to see something good is out.

neoragex2064d ago

I thought it was brilliant, very intriguing and well made.

coolbeans2064d ago

Wow...haven't even heard of this until now. Awesome coincidence and thanks for recommending this one.

Garethvk2063d ago

I wanted to go as the trailer caught my interest. The big issue was we were getting over the bug that was going around and after full days we were pretty tired so it was easier to send someone to review it rather than go out. Most of our film screeners are at 7PM and so if it is one of the more below the radar films we send others or if it is in a way out locale. I think 50 Shades and Kingsmen are the next two I will do. I am doing 50 shades with my wife out of morbid curiosity as I figure it will be awful.