Mister Smith To Handle Dakota Fanning’s ‘Brain On Fire’

David Garrett’s Mister Smith Entertainment will handle international sales at Berlin’s EFM on director Gerard Barrett’s Brain On Fire, starring Dakota Fanning. Deadline previously broke the news that Charlize Theron’s Denver and Delilah Films had optioned Susannah Cahalan’s bestselling memoir Brain On Fire: My Month Of Madness as a star vehicle for Fanning.

Brain On Fire tells the true story of a young woman’s sudden descent into insanity as a result of a mysterious illness. The film will be produced by Denver and Delilah Films’ Charlize Theron, Beth Kono and AJ Dix, and Rob Merilees for Foundation Features.

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alycakes1607d ago

Dakota Fanning is getting older now and I haven't seen much of her now that she's older. I would like to think that she's just as good an actor now as she was when she was younger. This is suppose to be a really good story and it's based on a true story which usually makes it better so I'll wait and see on this one.