Full Super Bowl Spot For Terminator: Genisys


We got a look at Arnie as the "classic" T-800 in a new poster earlier on, and now we have the full 30-second Super Bowl TV spot featuring quite a bit of new footage of him, Sarah Connor, her son John, and more. If you didn't think much of the first trailer... this probably won't help!

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Lord_Sloth2070d ago

Not available in the United States. Boooooooo!

Crazay2070d ago

What? Just use Hola to make it look like you're somewhere else.

Lord_Sloth2070d ago

If only that would work...

dota2champion2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

It's not available for me either. Isn't the Super Bowl exclusive to the USA? Why would they block the super bowl trailer in our country.

Lord_Sloth2069d ago

Maybe they rationalize that we'll all be watching it anyways?

KingPin2070d ago

wont be topping T2 anytime soon.
since seeing there will be a liquid metal terminator, if Robert Patrick doesn't make a guest appearance I'll be disappointed.

Zefros2070d ago

nothing will top T2 or T1. I will watch this movie because it's Arnold and it's terminator. it looks good if you don't compare with the toher movies.

-Foxtrot2070d ago

So they've decided to "earse" the first two films (the well recieved classics) just so they can shoe horn in another film

Big plothole because if they went back further to kill Sarah Connor as a child it would of created a new timeline where the first two events in the film wouldn't of happened (like where old Arnie is waiting for himself from the first film) THIS ALSO MEANS Kyle Reese in the future (and the rest) would know about them going to kill Sarah as a child because it would be a new timeline, a new timeline where the events have changed the future. So I don't know why Kyle looks surprised about Sarah saving him and the new events that have changed.

Come on film or not it seems silly that a person from an old timeline can go back in time and cross over into a new, changed timeline.