TVF Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 13 Review: Nelson's Sparrow

This engrossing and very well written hour of TV could easily have been titled "Endings and Beginnings."

Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 13 started off with an emotional horror: the discovery of Gideon's murdered body.

Poor Reid – who apparently was the closest to him – took it quite hard. It was up to Morgan to provide the three words that allowed him to begin to crawl out of the pit of his loss: we need you.

There were so many gems packed into 60 minutes that it's hard to highlight which one shone the brightest.

Hotch telling the story he'd heard from Gideon about a snowstorm, a sled and a ride down Rattlesnake Hill at top speed seems to be the best part, and not just because we actually saw that sober exterior of his crack into outright laughter.

A close runner-up might be Young Rossi and Gideon profiling each other, only to learn that both were about to become dads.

Another bit of gold was hearing Gideon ask Rossi what his middle name was (Stephen), so that he knew what to call his newborn son later on.

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alycakes2072d ago

It was a great one. I guess they needed to bring Gideon back to put some closure to his story. I thought it was done exceptionally well.