Mehcad Brooks to Play Jimmy Olsen in CBS Supergirl Series

TVLine: Extra, extra, read all about it: CBS’ Supergirl has snapped up Desperate Housewives vet Mehcad Brooks to play the classic role of shutterbug Jimmy Olsen, TVLine has learned.

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Crazay2061d ago

wonderful. Another character gender/race/origin changed for the sake of ...nothing

ironfist922061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

Blackwashing, where you arent allowed to criticize it despite it being just as offensive as white-washing

I hope this show tanks. Not because of that, but why have Jimmy Olsen anyway? This isnt a superman show. And Supergirl doesnt have compelling stories or villains to carry her own show with, save from being a supporting character to the titans, or superman.

If you want actors of various ethnicities in the show, then create new characters, instead of changing existing ones! Its not hard...

Porcelain_Chicken2061d ago

Weeeeeeird.... Apart from the whole race thing why is Jimmy Olsen here again?

-Foxtrot2061d ago

First of all this show does need Jimmy, this is not Superman

Second of all...what the hell, again they changed a characters race for the sake of it.

I just hate the fact you can't criticize it since you get called "racist".

Oh but if it happened the other way round there would be hell on

alycakes2060d ago

I don't agree with it either but I really don't think Jimmy Olsen belongs on this show anyway. I don't think we need another superhero show period.