Joss Whedon Criticizes Comic Book Movie industry for "Intractible Sexism"


Joss Whedon has spoken out against "genuine, intractable sexism" within the comic book movie industry.

Speaking to Digital Spy on the set of The Avengers: Age of Ultron last summer, two months prior to Marvel Studios and DC's announcements of Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman respectively, Whedon emphasised the need for Marvel to buck the trend.

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Porcelain_Chicken2064d ago

He hit a few nails on the head, I guess.

alycakes2063d ago

I totally agree with him.

TheWolverine2063d ago

Whedon is God. He hath spoken.

Lord_Sloth2063d ago

Tbh (and I apologize in advance for stating the simple fact) The most famous super heroes are male. Not saying there's a reason behind that but just pointing it out. Marvel has some big name females heroes (really excited for Captain Marvel btw) but most of them aren't known outside the comic community aside from DC's Wonder Woman and Batgirl and a few others here and there but none of them are quite like Spiderman, Wolverine, Iron-Man, and what-not.

I agree the trend needs to be bucked of course. Nothing would make me happier than Zatanna and Black Canary getting their own films.

Crazay2063d ago

At the rate things are going - I'm sure we're going to see them change the gender of some characters because... I've got no good reason to do it so ...just because.

hazelamy2063d ago

yeah, but look at Wonder Woman, she's been around about as long as Batman and Superman.
she's part of the DC trinity.
but in nearly 80 years she's never been seen on the big screen, while Batman and Superman have at least 20 movies between them.

and when you look at the whole comic book movie genre, specifically superhero movies, there's hardly any female led movies.

off the top of my head, the only ones i can think of are Supergirl, Elektra and Catwoman.
there are teams with female members, but other than those listed i can't think of any other movies about solo heroes that are women.

still at least Wonder Woman got a TV series once.
more than most female superheroes can claim.

just a shame the young Diana series never got anywhere, young Bruce and Clark both got their own series, i was looking forward to young Diana's adventures.

Lord_Sloth2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

Well here's the thing, everybody can tell you Suoerman's the last of an alien race. Everybody can tell you that Batman's an orphan with no powers. Nobody can tell you anything about Wonder Woman unless they actually read the comics. Even if they've never watched the films, they can still give you the origins of Superman and Batman.

I mean, maybe it is simply because they've never pushed her as they should have but I dunno.

dcbronco2062d ago

I'm sure most people had no idea who the guardians of the galaxy were until this summer. I read comics and I didn't. But they know now because a big budget movie was made. The same could have been done years ago for any of the female characters. Though as bad as previous super hero movies had been in the past it's good they weren't. But now that better efforts are being made with comic book material, it's time to do one right.

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