Best Impractical Jokers Punishments of All Time

Yeah, that sounds wrong ‘ Best Impractical Jokers Punishments ’. NuzCo writes: "But if you know Tru TV’s hit comedy, Impractical Jokers, then you know how funny the word punishment can be. In celebration of the new season starting tomorrow, January 28th, it was felt that we should tribute one of the best TV shows of all time by creating this best Impractical Jokers list. In this best Impractical Jokers list we will be counting down the top punishment for each joker of the show. You will see a list creating Q, Joe, Murr and Sal’s Best Impractical Jokers punishment from seasons past and why it was felt that this was the best of the bunch."

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TheSuperior 2071d ago

This show is the funniest show on TV I can not wait for the news season to come out tomorrow :)

Soldierone2070d ago

My favorite still has to be when Murr and Joe had to play that strip high five game in the city!

Porcelain_Chicken2070d ago

My personal fave has to be the one where Sal and Joe opened up for Imagine Dragons! Sal looked so nervous. xD the "DRUM SOLO" bit still freaking kills me!!

Sahil2069d ago

Cannot wait for this, it is gonna be hilarious.