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5 Dumbest Moments In The Fantastic Four Trailer


Have you seen the trailer for the new ‘OK, But Don’t Get Your Hopes Up Yet’ Four movie? Boy, does it look marginally better than expected.

As you’ve probably noticed, the first trailer for this summer’s Fantastic Four reboot has hit the internet, with pundits racing to call it either the best thing since the Millennium Falcon skimmed the sands of Tatooine or the worst thing since the cross-guard lightsaber.

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calis2067d ago

Perfect example of prejudiced journalism.

This movie has been hated on for a long time, and as such, "journalists" are looking to write articles about why things are bad.

Example, there is no "5 stupidest things" about the Avengers 2 trailer because there is excitement and little-to-no criticism about it.
FF debuts a trailer and people look for reasons to hate it.

Sahil2066d ago

Fantastic Four was overall pretty dumb.