25 Best Animated Movies Ever

Did you ever thought how violent, noisy and senseless are cartoons nowadays? Finding a good cartoon, with a right message for kids is not an easy job.

To help you, we found plenty, but in the last century.

Don’t worry, you’ve probably seen all of these 25 well known cartoons. And if you didn’t, now you have a chance to watch best cartoons ever with your kids, and also to show them how the real cartoons should look like.

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michael152092d ago

Great article! Reminded me of my childhood :)

aDDicteD2092d ago

it would have been better if it is ranked from lowest to highest.

Johnny-GS2092d ago

Thanks for advice.

We will rank everything on our website from lowest to highest in future articles.

Best regards,

Incredible Playhouse

Sahil2091d ago

The Lion King is the king of em all, good list im my opinion.