10 Movie Franchises That Have Backed Themselves Into A Corner


Movie franchises are big, ugly things. Not officially, of course, but you’d have to admit that – in this current climate – there are few exceptions to the rule. There’s something inherently icky about the term “movie franchise,” after all; audiences tend to associate them with consumerism at its worst. “What use is a movie nowadays unless it gets a sequel?” could very well work as the unofficial mantra of Hollywood executives.

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Soldierone1955d ago

If Spider-Man is on the list I don't agree. (This site doesn't have a show all option)

It's no where near a corner, the only problem it has is that the comics MIGHT bring Gwen back, but who knows if they really will.

Lord_Sloth1955d ago

It's whatculture. They split their articles up across 10 pages to generate more hits.

Porcelain_Chicken1955d ago

I don't really know about "backed into a corner". I haven't read the Spidey section nor will I due to the 10 page poo whatculture seems to love. But I can say that this is the first Spidey flick that didn't leave me wanting more. I was slightly disapointed with SM3 & TASM but looked forward to what the future sequels could bring to the table. I just don't feel that with this Spidey. As of now, I have no interest in Sinister Six, Venom, TASM3 and that Aunt May movie. And as a hardcore Spider-man fanboy that isn't good. And I know I'm not alone there.

I honestly can't tell you where or how they went wrong but I hope my mind is changed down the road.