Universal’s Steve Jobs Movie Title Confirmed As Official Cast And Logline Are Revealed


It’s been a bit of a rough road to get here, but Universal Pictures announced today that filming is formally underway on the biopic Steve Jobs, which is the film’s official title. The Aaron Sorkin-scripted project was in development at Sony as one of their high-priority projects for a couple of years, and after close-calls with everyone from David Fincher to Christian Bale to Leonardo DiCaprio, Sony finally set up the film with Danny Boyle directing and Michael Fassbender starring as the Apple innovator.

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alycakes2064d ago

I don't know why they're making another Steve jobs movie

Soldierone2064d ago

How many Steve Jobs movies do we need? The guy didn't cure cancer....

Sahil2062d ago

No need but I'll watch it anyway, anyhting to do with Steve Jobs is always interesting.