8 Horror Movies Looking Forward in 2015

As 2014 ends and 2015 is on, everyone is looking forward to new movies of the new year. Don’t be scared because there are some best Horror films going to be release in 2015. An assortment of excellent pictures hit the market this year, and not a single one made waves at the box office, for that matter, very, very few even hit the big screen.

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usman31442070d ago

i am so much excited to see these movies and i am habitual for these kind of movies......

waleed1252070d ago

i m actually quite looking forward to Poltergeist .

hammad4122070d ago

Frankenstein seems good ..i would love to watch it

acemonkey2070d ago

we needs some good horror movies

dota2champion2070d ago

We need some that will scare us shitless. So far, horror films haven't been scaring me at all

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