Top 10 Best Movies of Vin Diesel

GamesMech: Vin diesel, a Hollywood actor who is born in America and doing films in Hollywood. Here are Top 10 movies of Vin Diesel.

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Hitman-Assassin1630d ago

Fast and Furious 6 just one in the list...

Deadpoolio1630d ago

Im not sure how F&F 7 a movie that isn't even out yet can be on the list...And it could still suck balls, lets not start pretending its an amazing movie just because Paul Walker died

VforVideogames1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

What? he dies in the movie too?

Speed-Racer1630d ago

How does this crap even get approved?

Stringerbell1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

More so how do these articles reach such temperatures?

Soldierone1630d ago

Probably artificial which is actually against the rules of the site.

Stringerbell1630d ago


This is possible? Is there a way to out people who do this?

Speed-Racer1629d ago

@Phoceenatic - Duplicate accounts, posting to social networks with spam followers, etc.

caseh1629d ago

"More so how do these articles reach such temperatures?"

Everyone clicks the article to find out what the other films are besides F&F1-6 :)

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ajax171625d ago and are pretty much the same bs sites. They need to be blocked.

Soldierone1630d ago

I would say that XXX is one of my favorites. I was really hoping for a third with the two characters teaming up, that would have been so cool.

Bathyj1630d ago

3 Fast and Furious movies? Theyre all terrible. ALL OF THEM.

And Riddick but no Pitch Black? You must be joking.

I knew I wasnt going to take this list seriously anyway because I knew The Iron Giant wouldnt be in there.

Stupid1630d ago

Well, he is now limited with Fast and Furious

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