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10 Best Roles From The World's Worst Actors


It’s never nice to be disappointed by a reliable or well loved actor, but even Hollywood royalty have their bad days. Most viewers cringed at Leo DiCaprio’s uniquely ill conceived turn in notorious cult flop The Beach, while many fans will never forgive Charlize Theron for Sweet November. Luckily, this sort of regrettable surprise is rare. After all, a decent hit-maker in Hollywood can usually be depended on to make savvy career choices and to light up screens with their talent.

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aDDicteD2067d ago

nicolas cage is not that bad as an actor, he had several good films it just happens he does not choose the projects he gets involve in.

i totally agree john travolta, lindsay lohan, adam sandler and jennifer lopez

i do not agree owen wilson and eddie murphy are among the worst.

i have not seen madonna's film so i cant say.

kirsten stewart and jessica alba both have yet to improve their acting because its below average but certainly they are not among the worst their are a lot of actresses that are below them in terms of acting.