Are Warner And DC Destined To Fail In Their Efforts To Be Like Marvel And Disney

Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece asking if the recently announced DC Comics based movies at Warner Bros are destined to fail in their efforts to be as successful as those at Marvel and Disney.

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Garethvk2071d ago (Edited 2071d ago )

Did you see the Director for Wonder Woman?
A TV Director. I am sorry The X-Files, some Harsh Realms, and a few Breaking bad episodes do not qualify a person to direct a major studio film with a major budget in my opinion. Yes she has a huge record, in TV but working on a tv show and a movie are very different. Pacing, budget, the FX, etc.

Soldierone2071d ago

That's a lot more experience than a lot of directors had when they started. Spielberg only made low budget movies, mostly for himself, and was tossed aside for that very reason. Lucky us he kept trying!

Garethvk2071d ago

Yes but there is a huge difference in directing tv vs film. There are Directors who work often in tv and never do films as its not suited to them. Usually they should do some theatrical releases before doing a big budget. This smells of a studio control project.

Porcelain_Chicken2071d ago

As Soldierone already said. Experience is experience period. David Fincher started by doing music videos before becoming the director we know him as now. It's about skill in your craft, not about how long your resume' is. By that logic all new directors who wanna make the jump are awful.

I know you're just skeptical, but you should be a bit more positive!

As for the article, doesn't really feel like WB is trying to be shape DC like Disney shaped Marvel. They are leading up to a JL set up but going about it completely different. The only thing both have in common is that that they are superhero team ups that go way back. You literally have boil the theme down to the very basics. That would be like accusing every mobster movie of be copying The Godfather. It's really to early to know wether the DCU will fail, all these doom & gloom articles really grasp at straws.

Garethvk2071d ago

Warner has a pretty spotty record with Super Hero films though.
Three Superman, A Batman, Catwoman, Green Lantern, and to some extent, Watchman f s iled or did not meet expectations. Script and casting as well as Director issues were the most common issues.