25 Indie Movies You Will Want to See This Year

Complex: "With a new year comes a new crop of must-see blockbusters to populate your favorite multiplex from now until next Oscar Bait SZN™. We've already detailed which among the hundreds of movies deserve the most attention (as well as the ones that don't), but as any halfway cinephile knows, that list goes deeper than sequels, superheroes, and franchises. A new year also means new indies—the smaller films, most of which are destined for cult status, and that's only if they can snag a wide release date at all. To try and slot those in amongst the big boys would be unjust and overshadowing, so we're narrowing the spotlight. Here are all the VOD gems, indies finally going wide, and brand spanking new releases that you need to pay attention to if you're really about this Film Nerd life."

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