Fantastic Four Reboot Costumes Revealed


We’ve got big stuff on today’s episode of Nerdist News! Sources close to the production of the new Fantastic Four gave us a detailed description of the elusive costumes the team will be rocking in the new film. We turned to our own in-house non-police sketch artist, Jenny Fine, to cook up some visuals JUST for you!

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Soldierone2072d ago

First thing about this movie that didn't look horrible. The Thing looks like he is going to be a little better sized and not hulkish big.

aDDicteD2072d ago

looks okay, i have no complain in the costumes especially mr. fantastic's costume.

KingPin2072d ago

the suits are not meant for crime fighting but so the team can live their lives without revealing their powers.....

yes coz everyone these days wears springs on their clothes around the elbows and knees...and what about those vents...yeah, pretty much everyday fashion around here. whose going to notice them right...then again...maybe lady gaga had some super powers and her weird costumes covered that up quite good so they might be on to something.