Sons of Liberty Review Part 1 “A Dangerous Game” | TV Equals

TV Equals: "The Revolutionary War is having a comeback on tv as of late. Sleepy Hollow started the resurgence in 2013 followed by Turn: Washington’s Spies last year. And now the History Channel is in on the action with Sons of Liberty. To begin, this is my first taste of scripted programming on History. I have not seen Vikings nor Hatfield and McCoys, so I can’t compare quality. I still have yet to see HBO’s acclaimed miniseries John Adams too. That being said, my barometer for Sons of Liberty will be against that of Turn (because Sleepy Hollow belongs in its whole own crazy category) and my own knowledge of the era. Based on Part 1 “A Dangerous Game,” Sons of Liberty still has an amount to achieve. While handsomely shot, the dialogue is rudimentary coupled with a lead who is just not compelling."

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