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Ryan Reynolds Says His ‘Deadpool’ Is ‘The Movie We Want To Make’


It’s been a long road for Ryan Reynolds‘ “X-Men” movie spin-off “Deadpool,” but after over a decade of work the merc with the mouth is finally coming to the big screen in 2016. With filming scheduled to begin in just a few short months, when MTV News caught up with Reynolds at the Sundance Film Festival where his new movie “Mississippi Grind” had just premiered, we had to ask him about the project.

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Stringerbell2071d ago

So long as it keeps the spirit of that clip that was 'leaked' a while back then it should be good.

alycakes2071d ago

I like Ryan Reynolds and I think he can make this movie great. A lot has to do with the writing and directing too. Hopefully it will be good.

WizzroSupreme2071d ago

A shame Ryan Reynolds has the bad wrap he does. Always thought he deserved better films than he landed. Curious what they'll do for keeping Deadpool in character – a.k.a keeping Ryan Reynolds masked the entire time. Or will they?...

Soldierone2071d ago

That's a good question since film makers always cry about "lack of emotion" when there is no face. Thus the reason Spider-Man took his mask off every two seconds in the Rami films, and why Halo is always denied a movie.

That being said the comics show emotion still with the mask on, so how would that be portrayed on screen?