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10 Crazy Breaking Bad Fan Theories That Completely Change The Show


Walter White is alive! He entered the witness protection program, took the name Hal Wilkerson, and had 5 more children (and named the middle one Malcolm). As unlikely as it sounds, this and several other crazy theories have been circulating the internet since the show became a hit.

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Soldierone2069d ago

Interesting take on the Walking Dead tie in. I honestly never noticed the blue bag until now!

Crazay2069d ago

Really? That was in season 2 pretty early on. First thing I said was "Hey look - Blue meth."

Soldierone2069d ago

I don't think I was into Breaking Bad at that point. I jumped in that bandwagon late!

LightDiego2069d ago

The theory on the first position it's really sad, good thing that's not true, lol.

johnherlosky2061d ago

excellent article, clutching a straws though