7 Films That You Probably Didn’t Know Were Remakes

wtfopinion - Some really good movies are the remake of an older movie and you didn’t know about it because it’s much older than you. Here are the list of top 7 movies that are the actually a remake of an older title.

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hammad4122067d ago

Not even saw one movie from this list ^^

waleed1252067d ago

if remakes are this bad then how bad originals would be.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32066d ago

Article should read: 7 films that are planning to be remade.

It seems like every film nowadays is up for a remake. I would say less than 50% of proposed remakes ever happen.

I Know What You Did last Summer really needs a remake?

Stupid2066d ago

Downloading Poltergeist

faisalsheikh142066d ago

Poltergeist and I Know What You Did Last Summer were good, and i also dont know about the remake version of it.

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