The Best Sitcoms of TGIF

TVOM: "This year ABC decided to dub their Thursday night drama block TGIT, which stands for Thank Goodness it’s Thursday. And who could blame them? The alphabet network has the hottest lineup that evening with Shonda Rhimes’ series Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and the new hit How to Get Away With Murder. This is not the first time that ABC has used that phrase. In the late 80’s, the network began airing a two hour comedy block on Friday’s called TGIF. It was so popular with families that it ran from 1989 until 2000. ABC tried to try it out again in 2003; however, its run would be short-lived and only last for two television seasons. TGIF included many of your favorite comedies from the 90’s. Here is a look at some of your favorites that include an annoying neighbor, a blended family similar to The Brady Bunch, and a teenage boy trying to survive middle school, high school, and, finally, college."

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