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10 X-Men Characters The Movies Totally Wasted


The long-running X-Men series has remained one of the most consistently popular franchises in Hollywood and after fifteen years of movies including sequels, prequels, reboots and spin-offs the merry band of mutants show no signs of slowing down; last year’s Days of Future past marked both a critical and commercial high point for the franchise with almost $750m at the box office and a current Rotten Tomatoes rating of 91%.

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aDDicteD2062d ago

i agree that the most wasted potential character of the franchise is cyclops maybe x1 and x2 gave him justice but killing him off in x3 is the worst thing they did in the entire franchise.

there are a lot of other wasted characters such as:

1. juggernaut - the worst portrayal in the whole franchise
2. deadpool - reynolds was good but what they did to deadpool in the end was stupid.
3. psylocke - yup she was in x3 and they made her an irrelevant thug
4. Angel - made him like an extra
5. multiple man - plainly wrong
6. rogue - was ok in x1 but was totally unecessary in x3
7. callisto - wrong
8. gambit - wrong casting
9. storm - should have been much more relevant.
10. colossus - no personality at all.