Top 8 Biggest Flop Movies of 2014

GameCriticism: In 2014 there were many films that hardly broke even or were disappointments domestically but still did decent enough business overseas to avoid being branded total bombs. Here’s a list of 8 Biggest Flop movies of 2014 that make you disappoint.

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aliziabi2076d ago

i am still surprised The Legend of Hercules is a flop movie of 2014

Porcelain_Chicken2075d ago

Why? Personally I thought the film was horrible. The site pretty much sums it up. Dull, poorly acted and cheap looking. I struggled to sit through it.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32075d ago

To be honest, I thought that Hercules movie with the Rock was equally terrible.

Physco2076d ago

big lose upppps

Hamzaali2076d ago

lol LOH is flop? r u mad?

level 3602076d ago

I, Frankenstein was really good and actually liked the premise behind the story.

ABizzel12075d ago

It was ok. Enjoyable, but not really great.

IMO a poor man's Underworld (same people), Van Helsing, etc...

johnherlosky2067d ago

agreed, underworld was better

aDDicteD2076d ago

sin city a dame to kill is a surprisingly a flop, there were some performances that were good.

ABizzel12075d ago

Too long since the original, but unfortunate nonetheless.

UltraNova2075d ago

I smelled cash grab the day I heard about the sequel. Cult classics like the original should never have sequels. History is there to teach us not to ignore it.

alycakes2075d ago

And yet they continue to make them

Defectiv3_Detectiv32075d ago

Eh, it felt like Sin City B Sides. Everything seemed so insignificant compared to the first one. Eva Green lying around naked for 90% of the runtime was definitely the highlight.

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