5 Civil Rights Movies That Are Great (And 5 That Are Offensively Awful)

WC: Recently the Ava DuVernay directed film Selma, has been in the news a lot due to its inexplicable and insulting omission from this year’s major Academy Awards nominations. The Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts, and Sciences has been under criticism for decades about how whitewashed their membership is, and recent events only seem to confirm that there is a definite racial bias in which films are considered important and noteworthy.

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StarWarsFan1955d ago

Mississippi Burning one of the worst? Come on. Driving Miss Daisy? The Help? As for, The Butler, I enjoyed it, but I thought it took way too many liberties with the material. The entire scene at the start with the shooting on the farm? Just no. If they want to make that kind of movie, they should have found a person that actually had that happen to them.