‘American Sniper’ Thrives As Johnny Depp’s ‘Mortdecai’ Dies – Late Night B.O. Update

Deadline: With Warner Bros./Village Roadshow’s American Sniper shooting down more box office records this weekend with an updated industry projection of $61.2M, another star-studded bomb went off at the B.O. following last weekend’s mortdecai 3Blackhat debacle.

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Spiewie 2072d ago

That movie is making some serious money. It was great too watch. I liked the way it showed the mental effects of war. But to be fair a lot of people go to see it because America.

Soldierone2072d ago

Mortdecai didn't look good until after it released. The marketing was terrible and made it look like a simplistic comedy with easy jokes. A waste of Depps talent really.

Then it released, wasn't doing well, and the commercials started to show more.