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Spoiler: Check Out That Awesome Final Scene From This Week's Arrow

CBM: The midseason premiere of Arrow was packed full of twists and turns, but it was the final scene which left most fans' jaws on the floor! What does this moment mean for the future of The CW series? Well, it looks like it will shake things up quite a bit! Hit the jump to check it out...

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StarWarsFan2063d ago

I think the show's producers stretched the realm of reality a little too far with this episode. That kind of blade wound coupled with a cliff drop that looked endless. I just think it was a bit much and kind of stupid. And this show could really stop giving everyone a costume. Now even Diggle and Laurel have each worn one.

Spiewie 2063d ago

Big let down really death by bad CGI and a mile drop of a mountain in the freezing cold. Magically gets brought back to life by a random spy from his past. Absolute nonsense. It would make a lot more sense if he somehow ended up in the lazarus pit.