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Why The Fantastic Four Has The Potential To Be Fantastic

CB: As more news is released about The Fantastic Four reboot, there’s growing concern that the new film is going to be a disaster.

Perhaps the biggest issue for fans is that the reboot is vastly different from the original source material.

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Soldierone2069d ago

Source material has nothing to do with it for me.

I'll be the first to admit you don't have anything great to work with here for a source, so branching out and doing your own thing sounds cool.

It's the fact absolutely none of the ideas brought about or leaked have been good. A journalist fine, but a hand held point of view? No. The characters don't align correctly. The scripts are sounding horrible. The movie has gone through more crew than you can count, and nobody has been thrilled about it. etc...

FF are better off as support cast to the MCU at this point.

Kurylo3d2069d ago

Im all for changing the race of one of the characters. No problem if the actor fits the role, but i dont understand how a white girl has a brother thats black lol.. unless hes no longer her brother.

I loved michael clarke duncan as kingpin in daredevil.. cant imagine a better suited person for a role like that..

but this.... just seems forced on us to try to bring in crowds and its going to do the exact opposite.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32068d ago

A white girl with a black brother? No, it's a black guy with a white sister. Sue Storm is adopted.

Kurylo3d2068d ago

Werent they biological in the comics? And does it matter who was adopted. Apparently the point is going over your head.. point was they supposed to related lol. So now they going to change up the story.

Oh and the dr doom thing is a computer hacker is just too stupid for words. No way in hell am i goign to watch this. I'll skip it in theatres.. and ill even skip the dvd lol.