10 Must See Movies of 2015

GamesMech: Here is the List of 10 must see movies of 2015. There are 10 most awaited movies coming out in 2015.

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rocksbell1607d ago

Mission: Impossible 5 and Furious 7 are going to b biggest hits of 2015

04roacht1607d ago

Spectre, Star Wars and Age of Ultron will all break a billion. none of the others will.

Soldierone1607d ago

Furious 7 will be a bombshell due to the death of a cast member. I don't think it will break records, but better than the past movies.

MI5 will do decent, it won't be anything massive though.

RetrospectRealm1606d ago

Not even Paul Walker can beat Star Wars or Avengers 2.

04roacht1607d ago

Yeah that is a must watch of this year.

Spiewie 1607d ago

The hateful eight and the Avengers out of this list which once again isn't the best.

Soldierone1607d ago

I think the list includes a few movies that will be more cult hits than anything, which is good since they didn't list the obvious Star Wars and Avengers as 1 and 2.

That being said I would think Mad Max will be a cult hit, but make decent money. Ant Man will be the least liked and least profitable Marvel movie to date.

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The story is too old to be commented.