Tyrese Gibson As 'John Stewart'? Transformers Star Charges Up Green Lantern 'Rumor'


Is Tyrese teasing that he's up for the Green Lantern role in the planned reboot, or is his most recent post on Instagram just his shameless way of lobbying for the part?

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Rumor has it that.

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04roacht2072d ago

He may be considered for John Stewart. I would love Idris Elba but Gibson would be awesome too.

Porcelain_Chicken2072d ago

I feel very divide on the choice. I dunno why. Especially as someone who wanted Hal.

Spiewie 2072d ago

There's an ever growing trend for superhero movies nowadays and I love it. He'd do fine for the part.

gunnerforlife2071d ago

The trend where everyone is lining up to do a Superhero movie, from A listers to Z listers!

Spiewie 2071d ago

Exactly what gunnerforlife said, there's a huge amount of superhero movies and shows coming out. Can't forget the ones already here.

Soldierone2072d ago

If this is for Justice League I am pumped for it! Otherwise Jon was more of a boring character on his own. With Justice League he added a down to earth feel, and when he was angry you knew it was a big deal.

Crazay2072d ago

I think Tyrese would be well suited for a superhero role. Admittedly I know little to nothing about the character. As a kid i stuck to Batman, Superman, X-Men and Tomb of Dracula.

aDDicteD2072d ago

idris elba is more suitable as john stewart.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32071d ago

I like the idea of going with a John Stewart version of Green Lantern period. There are enough jokesters on the justice league already, he's a more serious take on the character.