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The Superhero Spin-Off: Will A Black Widow Solo Movie Ever Be Made?

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Feige’s words are key to the discussion that surrounds the status of each of Marvel Studios’ proposed spin-offs: rather than stepping back to produce a prequel of sorts based on Black Widow’s past, the studio opted “continuing the forward momentum and the continuity of the Cinematic Universe”. Marvel’s Cinematic Universe was set up as a line of interchanging stories that move each other forward towards a common goal, and a movie based on Black Widow’s past would halt the saga’s main storyline for quite some time.

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Porcelain_Chicken2073d ago

Hopefully not. Movie Black Widow is pretty bland, let's be honest we only like her because ScarJo. Otherwise she'd be stuck in the same boat Hawkeye is in. Not that she's not already kinda there. Marvel should stick to other heroes. And if they truly wanna throw out a female superhero driven movie try Ms. Marvel, Spider Woman, Wasp or give Elektra another well deserved shot. Or hell even a Rescue movie starring Gwyneth Paltrow would be cool. All much better characters in the movie verse in my opinion.

Spiewie 2072d ago

It's doubtful she's made to be a side character.

aDDicteD2072d ago

no they would not,
1. marvel already announced their movies to be slated from 2015-2019
2. black widow already is an established character that does not need a spinoff as she is already in ironman 2 and captain america 2 as a relevant sidekick of some degree. this point its too late.