TVF Elementary Season 3 Episode 11 Review: The Illustrious Client

The troops rallied around Kitty on Elementary Season 3 Episode 11 after the man who kidnapped, tortured and raped her made his presence in New York known through a dead woman whose injuries mimicked Kitty's. This was an episode that many of us had been waiting for and it mostly delivered.

Mostly because it was obvious that Simon De Merville wasn't Kitty's true kidnapper, but it was still an intense hour with a few good twists and turns.

Kitty got suckered punched by the news that her torturer was in New York and responded in typical Kitty fashion with a little bit of shock (probably more than she actually showed) and a lot of aggression. She was ready to hunt down her real life boogey man.

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alycakes2067d ago

This was a great episode and it gave me goose bumps at the end when Kitty recognized the voice of the man that hurt her in England and it just happened to be Watson's new boss/co-worker.