Top 10 Must See Action Movies of 2015

The Action movies were so good in 2014 so now on it should be awesome in 2015, Brace your self’s.

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Physco1606d ago

I am waiting for Fast and Furious 7 and Hitman: Agent 47.

DeviDavil1606d ago

Fast and furious 7 is the most awaited movie of 2015 for me

Newmanator1606d ago

Let's just not even mention The Avengers? Star Wars maybe?

Genki1606d ago

Yeah, this list is kinda silly without both of those.

None of these movies are as highly anticipated as Star Wars or Avengers. None of them.

Newmanator1605d ago

Yes those 2 and Jurassic World are the big 3, at least they got one of them!

nachokingp1606d ago

And no SPECTRE? Seriously?

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