Is It Just Me? Or Does True Lies Deserve More Love?


How is it that, if you ask someone to name as many Arnold Schwarzenegger films as they can, they’re more likely to mention Kindergarten Cop and Junior – JUNIOR – before they remember the incredible, hilarious, insanely high-budgeted True Lies? What have we become? What has society become? Whether you like it or not, True Lies is a big deal, and it acts like it. It’s a film with awesome stunts and a brilliantly funny script, starring one of the biggest stars in movie history and made by a director responsible for the top two most successful films of all time. How has it become so frequently overlooked?

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aDDicteD2066d ago

True Lies is one of arnold's best movies surely it is in his top 5 films as a leading actor in an action film at least in my opinion.

predator and terminator is my favorite arnold films and are the only films i remember better than true lies, the other films such as junior, commando, eraser, last action hero etc. are good as well but not as good as the first three i mentioned.