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Adele Has a Licence To Thrill as James Bond Execs Want Her to Record to New Soundtrack

Mirror: Has Adele flown to Los Angeles to secretly record the music for the new James Bond movie Spectre, we wonder?

We’re told the Skyfall singer, spotted earlier this week at a bash in California, was flown over by executives from MGM to work on new scores.

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MilkMan2072d ago

Her last song was OK...but I cant really stand her voice. Id rather go with some one else. Spectre is going to be a pivotal movie and id like a bonifide rock star to helm the sound track. Get Timbaland to produce this jam or something or go the opposite way and get
Bear McCreary to do it.

ironfist922072d ago

Get Lana Del Ray, she has some great vocals. Cant stand adele, and Skyfall's song was okay.

Maybe even Nicole Sherzinger, her voice is quite astounding.