DreamWorks Will Shut Down PDI/DreamWorks Studio; 500 Jobs Will Be Eliminated

CartoonBrew: Breaking! The beleaguered DreamWorks Animation just announced in a written statement that it will eliminate approximately 500 jobs at its company, far exceeding the previously anticipated number of layoffs. Many of those five hundred layoffs will come from the unexpected shutdown of one of its main studios, PDI DreamWorks, in Redwood City, California.

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alycakes2077d ago

I did hear about this on CNN and it's a sad situation because they will continue to make movies. I really feel for the people that will loose their jobs.

Soldierone2077d ago

It sucks seeing this as a person that loves animation and would like to join it one day. Guess you just never know when an animation job will be gone....

Defectiv3_Detectiv32077d ago

That is terrible but their output has been awful as of late. There are only so many screwball children's movies you can release ever year. I remember when Disney used to put out only 1 or 2 animated features a year and they were all memorable; now its like 3 or 4 childrens films a month and they are all highly forgettable.

RetrospectRealm2077d ago

Only films Disney released last year for kids was like Big Hero 6, Muppets, and Planes 2. Except for Planes 2, the other two were memorable.