Suicide Squad Wants To Replace Tom Hardy With One Of These Two Actors

CinemaBlend: Suicide Squad will be a major step for Warner Bros. and its developing DC cinematic universe, the first movie to arrive in a post-Batman v Superman world that could – according to rumors – set the stage for several future projects, including a solo Batman movie for Ben Affleck. But it is a work in progress, a fact made clear by the constant casting shuffles that we have been reporting on. Recently, the role of Rick Flag has been in flux, as names like Tom Hardy and Jake Gyllenhaal distanced themselves from the part. But two replacements just crossed our desk, and they are both incredibly intriguing, for different reasons.

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Porcelain_Chicken1611d ago

I can honestly see all three. Shame Hardy walked away. Would love to see him starring here among these other actors. He just seemed perfect. If I had to hand pick an actor from here I'd go with Jon Bernthal. He's got a "I take no sh*t" kinda face and attitude lol. I mean that in a good way I promise. Perfect for the guy who is keeping all of these super villains/psychos on a tight leash.