‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Casts New Jean Grey, Cyclops and Storm

GON: So a few months ago X-Men Days of Future Past Director Bryan Singer announced that they were looking to recast Storm, Jean Grey and Cyclops for ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’. Reasons being that the age of the current cast members and the age they need to be after the “reboot” which was X-Men First Class was many years apart.

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-Foxtrot2070d ago

Sophie - Good
Alexandra - Alright
Tye - Wtf ?

He looks nothing like Scott, kind of looks like a pompous douche aswell.

aDDicteD2069d ago

sophie turner - she looks like jean grey, might be a safe choice and popular choice because of her status in game of thrones, acting wise she looks ok since jean grey has a reserve personality.

tye sheridan - does not look like scott summers, his acting is good and he might be the surprise performance among the three because looks is one thing, acting is another. he looks younger than the actor who played havok in first class and that is not a good sign as scott should be older.

alexandra shipp - too pretty to be storm, i totally have not seen her acting yet. regardless she might be better than halle berry anyway.