Oscar Isaac: X-Men: Apocalypse Costume Will Be Mix Of Practical And Digital Effects


Apocalypse, the evil villain set to feature in the next ‘X-Men’ film, is not your average looking bad guy. Now thanks to the actor who’ll play him, we know now a bit more about how the filmmakers plan to realise his unconventional look on screen.

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aDDicteD1951d ago

i hope apocalypse would look like the one in the animated cartoons and be large and menacing with a robotic costume and not spend 2/3 of the film in a robe.

x men franchise is not good on doing costumes like avengers does, just look at how thanos, ultron, loki etc. looks, they are attired the way they should be, compare them to how wolverine, colossus, rogue etc. looks in the x men franchise, its clear that marvel does it more accurately.