The Truth About What Really Happened To Bo Peep In 'Toy Story'


The other day, I started exploring some of the possible explanations for what really happened to Bo Peep prior to the events of Toy Story 3.

Her fate is sort of referred to ambiguously, and we’re basically told to just accept that Pixar wanted to write her out of the story altogether.

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-Foxtrot1960d ago

Getting Bo back is a good plot point for Toy Story 4. Maybe they see her when Bonnie is out somewhere and she's with a horrible owner resulting in them making a plan to find her.

WizzroSupreme1960d ago

You writing for Pixar now?

WizzroSupreme1960d ago

I like to think that she was broken and now Buzz and Woody will piece her back together again.

aDDicteD1960d ago

yard sale is the most likely.