The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Review -

Gambitcon - Peter Jackson went and threw all the rules out the window. A film is supposed to have a three act structure. A beginning, a middle and the end. This one has none of that. Especially a trilogy is supposed to have a three act structure divided into each film but still maintain that the films stand on their own. Battle of the Five Armies is a film that does make sense without the previous ones. Basically the story from the previous movies is wrapped up in the first ten minutes when the dargon is killed. From then on the movie drags and creates unnecessary conflict, the most clichéd dialouge I have heard in a long time and features gravity-rules-breaking from Legolas, which is becoming so unspeakably ridiculous. The fact the battle is not foreboded or not mentioned as a possible scenario to happen in the previous films is not helping this film.

An overrated CGI mess with zero plot, flat characters that is only successful because of famous decades established brand. Peop...

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Sahil1606d ago

Hahahaha.. what a stupid review, probably butthurt LOTR fans.