Anthony Mackie Says Captain America 3 Is “One Of The Most Stupendous Rides Marvel Has Put Together”


If Phase 2 of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe was about sequels that furthered the stories of individual characters and introducing Guardians of the Galaxy to audiences, it looks like Phase 3 will redefine what a sequel can be. Things will kick off in a big way with Captain America 3, which isn’t just the continuing adventures of Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers.

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SavageKuma2078d ago

It would be cool if they released a prequel of Falcon story when it was part of the squad he was talking about in part two.

Hroach6162077d ago

Yeah, go full on war movie genre with it. Obviously it would be PG13 but it could still be cool. We got an old school war movie with the first cap movie. Go modern with this one.

SavageKuma2077d ago

I agree because he is a hero and seeing him in action before he became the last of his squad would be a great story as they lead him into putting on an Avengers Costume. Even though he is supposed to be the youngest and rookie of the group, I still like this version they put on screen.