BagoGames | Gotham: 'What The Little Birdie Told Him' Review


I’m unsure where anyone should be by now in Gotham going forward and piling on a few more potential leads for the ride hardly seems wise when the series still seems so unsure of itself. None of this week’s antics were boring in the slightest, yet none of it useful – or rational. What The Little Birdie Told Him ultimately tells you everything I should’ve heard by now, but nothing you really cared to know.

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WizzroSupreme2080d ago

By this point, I wouldn't have been surprised had "Birdie Man" been the villain of this episode. No, not Bird Man – Michael Keaton would've been too cool for Gotham. Just "Birdie Man," who would've dressed up as the Twitter bird and tweeted sonic booms. Yeah.