Avengers 2: Is This Hulk's New Look?


While it might be a case similar to that of the Iron Man Deep Space Suit toy for Iron Man 3 having nothing to do with the movie, a newly revealed Funko POP! Vinyl toy may indicate a major change could be in store for one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes in Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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1Victor2077d ago

I think there will be some romance between black widow banner/ hulk and the grey hulk will be shown as a in between hulk/banner personalities and black widow will die for a second and be in coma then the savage green hulk will goon a rampage leading to his fight with the hulk buster armor and planetary exile and planet hulk.

Soldierone2077d ago

It's worth pointing out that Hulk is not always green and there are multiple version of Hulk, including a grey hulk. The article mentions it at the end, but I think they spun the headline wrong. If anything it should read "will Grey Hulk be in Avengers?"