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Author Michael Bond introduced the world to Paddington in 1958. His ursine protagonist’s stories were simple, innocent tales of a clumsy character experiencing everyday occurrences such as riding the subway or going Christmas shopping. The inspiration for Bond’s Paddington partly fueled by images of children refugees aboard Kindertransports before the outset of WWII; the migrating bear’s origins are still acknowledged in director Paul King’s adaptation of Paddington from page to (bigger) screen. Make no mistake, this is a children’s film replete with bright colours, improbable physical comedy and a single instance of bathroom humour (thankfully left in the bathroom). Paddington manages to entertain with childlike energy while still having something of substance to say with regards to topics of immigration, refuge, acceptance and most of all, family.

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WizzroSupreme1609d ago

So Paddington basically came out of nowhere to be one of the best films of this year. Wow.

Filmgamesetc1609d ago

very surprised that it turned out to be this good (9/10 is impressive)

Sahil1600d ago

Just saw this.. Brilliant movie, the ending was pretty unexpected as well.