Here's the Teaser Poster for the 'Wonder Woman' Movie Joss Whedon Never Got to Make

These days Joss Whedon is known as the guy who delivered a game changer for the superhero genre in Marvel's The Avengers, and has since gone on to help spearhead the studio's big cinematic universe, in addition to directing the Avengers sequel Age of Ultron, due May 1. But before he got the gig with Marvel, Whedon was wooed by DC to direct a Wonder Woman movie... except it never happened. The movie was eventually scrapped due to creative differences, and the rest is history.

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WizzroSupreme2068d ago

Well, it was five Avengers for the price of one Amazonian warrior princess. Guess it was a fair trade-off for Marvel, but not for Wonder Woman. DC needs her now more than ever. Marvel's got more heroine series in the works than ever. DC's gotta play catch-up.