Ranking the Villains of Justified From Worst to Best

TVOM: "Justified returns to FX tonight to kick off its sixth and final season. I’ll be covering the show all season long (and can’t wait to watch and share my thoughts about tonight’s premiere), but before Justified begins its swan song, I wanted to take a look back at the series and one of the things it has been most well-known for: crafting dangerous, dynamic, and, most of all, unique villains that have faced off against Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) each season. For the record, since Boyd (Walton Goggins) has essentially been a second lead throughout the series and will be the final foe that Raylan will find himself going up against in Season 6, he’s ineligible to make this list. However, even without counting Boyd, there’s no denying that Justified has provided us with some of the best “big bads” in modern TV history. Here’s how they rank, from worst to best."

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