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TV Equals: "“In the Line of Duty” is what I’d call one of the more ‘garden variety’ episodes of NCIS: LA. I’ve mentioned these before, and how I am not a huge fan. In most cases, these types of episodes involve some piece of weaponry or technology stolen with the team having to retrieve it. “Duty” veered away from the mold by having the focus on what is thought to be an assassination attempt. In the end, the fight still revolved around obtaining important information and the keepers of said intel- this time about the covert government operation ‘Dogleg.’ And of course the team saved the day. That’s where my main issue resides. The stakes did not feel high enough. Callen mentioned having another Benghazi on their hands, but that fear didn’t register. In general, the stakes are never set as high on procedural shows versus their serialized counterparts. They can’t be. Week after week a case needs to be solved. What becomes the determining factor in the strength of the episode is the individual stories and characters that go with it. “Sprial” did an excellent job with this. Patrick Gallagher made an impression as Don the Security Guard along with the main aspect of Callen and Sam handling the disposal of the virus. We all knew Callen would eventually be fine, and he was. But we also got that nice moment in the hospital with Sam revealing his fears about never meeting an absentee father. “Duty” tried to play into the emotional aspect in Sam having a past connection with Commander Harris, yet it feel flat. This a line NCIS: LA walks every week. I just don’t think it succeeded this time."

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