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12 Monkeys Round Table: Splintered In Time

Welcome to our very first 12 Monkeys Round Table!

Many sci-fi fans were eagerly anticipating this reimagining of Terry Gilliam's time travel classic, as 12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 1 quickly set itself apart from the film that inspired it.

The showrunners gave us a more focused "man on a mission" in Cole and made Dr. Railly a virologist (makes sense); fleshing out her character significantly more than film. Not to mention the fact the army of the 12 Monkeys is a serious threat here, not just a red herring.

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alycakes1964d ago

I decided to watch the pilot to see if it was going to be interesting enough to add another show to my watch list. I have to say that it is. I got hooked and now I have to see how it's going to go.