Garret Dillahunt Previews Justified Role: Who is Raylan's Latest Adversary?

A hero is only as good as the villains he's fighting, right?

With that in mind, as we move into the opening episodes of Justified Season 6, Raylan Givens is going to have his hands full. Not only is he dealing with Boyd Crowder, but he's also coming up against some new faces in town.

One of those faces is Ty Walker, played by veteran actor Garret Dillahunt. Walker shows up in Justified Season 6 Episode 1 - but it's not until next week's intallment that we get more insight into what he's doing in Harlan County and what he actually wants.

I jumped on the phone late last week with Dillahunt to get his take on the character, Ty's impressively bushy beard and just who he is mixing it up with on the final season of the show.

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alycakes2081d ago

I can't wait to see this tonight. I know it's the last season but this is one show that could go on forever and I would not get tired of watching it. I don't know what Timothy Olyphant is going to be doing next but I hope he finds something soon because he has great charisma and good acting skills whether serious or funny